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Volunteer for a Surgical Mission Team

Smile Network is looking for experienced passionate medical and non-medical volunteers to join our mission teams.

We are devoted to changing the lives of impoverished children and adults in developing nations by providing free life-changing reconstructive surgeries and other healthcare related services, Smile Network raises funds to underwrite the cost of the surgical team’s travel. Lodging and transportation to our global destinations.

We rely solely on volunteer participation and ask that all mission participants contribute their time and talent and assist with the cost of the mission to keep the organizational costs to a minimum.

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Non-Medical Application

Medical Application

Upcoming Missions

February 2015 – Lima, Peru
February 2015 – Nandyal, India
March 2015 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti
April 2015 – Puebla, Mexico
July 2015 – Cusco, Peru
November 2015 – Puebla, Mexico

Volunteer Positions Available

Plastic Surgeons (with current experience in cleft repair)
Pediatric Anesthesiologists
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologists (CRNA) and anesthesiologists
Operating Room Nurses and Certified Surgical Technicians
Recovery/PACU Nurses
Floor/Ward Nurses