Smile Network / Sergio’s Story

Serio Rodriquez was shunned.

People in his mountain village in Guerrero, Mexico whispered that he was cursed. Whenever Sergio smiled at someone, that person would look away.

Then one afternoon, Sergio's parents heard the story rumbling through the village that the American doctors were coming to the area!

Two days later, Sergio and four of his friends started their journey to meet the doctors. They walked and walked. Their shoeless journey would take 17 hours. The following day, our visiting team of medical professionals erased Sergio's curse and revealed his remarkable smile. It all happened because of someone like you.


We first met Sergio in 2004, when he was just eight years old. The boy that was once shunned is now an aspiring musician.

In 45 minutes and for just $500, Sergio’s life was changed forever thanks to the generosity of someone like you.

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