The Trekkers have been busy since they hit the ground in Peru!

The last two days have been spent exploring Cusco and getting acclimated to the 12,000 feet altitude visiting the ruins in the Sacred Valley.

Today they visited the Alpaca Farm and we hear Sue Hawkes was the “llama whisperer” with two llamas literally eating our of her hands!

Early tomorrow morning, they will start their journey on the Inca Trail! They will check in at the Government Checkpoint where the trailhead is at 7,000 feet. They will cross the raging Urubamba River on a rope bridge and trek for about six hours tomorrow before arriving at their first campsite at 8,500 feet.

The 14 trekkers are in excellent hands led by our wonderful Trail Guide, Rony, who will be taking them up the mountain along with three cooks and 20 porters carrying all the the supplies, including the food, tents, and everything they need for the 4-day trek!