They Did It!

Day 4 Inca Trail Trek Today was the last day of their 4-day trek. After three days of no-tech tranquility or torture (depending upon how one is wired) they will pass through lower elevation mountain passes covering 15 kilometers. The trekkers will break camp and part ways with the porters and cooks who have tended […]

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Final night on the mountain!

Day 3 Inca Trail With the most difficult challenge of the trek behind them the trekkers settled into a natural rhythm on the trail. It was an early morning start with a gradual 2-kilometer hike up to ruins of Runkuracay, a small circular ruin occupying a commanding position of the Pacamayo valley below. From Runkuracay, […]

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Trekkers Reach Dead Woman’s Pass!

Two hours before the trekkers woke at dawn this morning, the guide company that will take them up the mountain was busy preparing breakfast. The entire group consists of 14 trekkers, 20 porters, 3 cooks and 2 guides. The hard-working porters are from the countryside. They are simple farmers who supplement their income by working […]

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Some trips we take to reach a destination, others we take for the pleasure of the journey itself. Peru’s Inca Trail is perhaps the world’s greatest hike because it combines the best of both types of travel. Early this morning, 14 adventurous souls from Minnesota departed from the Sacred Valley and headed to the trail […]

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Exploring the Sacred Valley

The Trekkers have been busy since they hit the ground in Peru! The last two days have been spent exploring Cusco and getting acclimated to the 12,000 feet altitude visiting the ruins in the Sacred Valley. Today they visited the Alpaca Farm and we hear Sue Hawkes was the “llama whisperer” with two llamas literally […]

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Delta Airlines Send Off

The 14 trekkers arrived at the airport this morning ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We were quite impressed with the packing skills of several of the trekkers who managed to pack for the trek and mission with only one bag and a carry on! Before they boarded the plane, they received a special […]

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Off to Peru!

Hiking boots are broken in, camping gear is purchased, one thousand pounds of medical supplies are packed and this week 14 trekkers will depart for Peru to hike the famed Inca Trail. These adventurous individuals will embark on a journey of a lifetime. Their purpose: to create awareness about the hundreds of thousands of children […]

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