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Meet Our Founder

A decade ago Kim wanted her life to take on a new direction. She wanted the sum total of her experience to add up to something more substantive, richer and deeper. Kim began to ask herself the questions we all ask ourselves. "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?" She did some soul searching and the answer was simple: she wanted to be a voice for people who didn't have one. After 25 years in the corporate world, she left her career to pursue what she believed was her life's purpose. Fueled by a passion for travel and the desire to pay it forward, Smile Network was born. Little did she know, the universe had a much bigger plan than she did.

Eleven years into this journey, her travels have taken her to the far corners of the earth and off the beaten path. She has met foreign dignitaries, traveled to remote poverty-stricken villages, climbed mountains, slept on dirt floors, celebrated with many and cried with a few. She has met thousands of people along the way and her life has been blessed and is profoundly richer for having crossed paths with so many remarkable human beings. One hundred and forty-four passport stamps later, she is a different person as a result of this work.

“In gratitude to the thousands of donors and volunteers who have changed the lives of so many, thank you for allowing me the privilege of bringing smiles to the world on your behalf.” – Kim Valentini.

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