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Smile's Story

Since 2003, Smile Network has performed thousands of surgeries. Our surgical teams donate all of their time and medical companies provide many of our supplies. But we still must pay for the cost of travel and lodging for our surgical teams and for the cost of medicines for our patients, which bring our average cost of a surgical procedure to just $500.

It's not just about the cosmetic issues which often does not begin to describe the pain experienced by the children and adults served by Smile Network. These people are shunned and hidden away from the mainstream of everyday life, all for lack of access to surgical procedures that could alter the course of their lives.

No one deserves this fate. We can correct so huge a problem, for so little. For $500 and in the space of 45 minutes a life is changed. We believe the world miracle applies to each and every surgery performed by our volunteer medical teams.

With some other causes, the question is, how can we fix this? With ours, it’s how can we not? Think what that means. For only $1.37 a day a person’s life is changed. Learn more about how you can participate.