Over the next two weeks, 26 adventurous individuals embark on a journey of a lifetime—to hike the famed Inca Trail to Machu Pichu.

Their purpose: to create awareness about the hundreds of thousands of children in developing countries who suffer as social outcasts because they have been born with clefts.

After they complete the four-day, 26-miles trek and climb more than 56,000 stairs on the original Inca trail built by the Incan civilization, they will join the Smile Network medical mission team to volunteer at the hospital. They will meet the 50 children of Cusco, Peru who will receive the gift of new smile as a result of the fundraising efforts of these trekkers! In the space of 45 minutes and for just $500, a life is transformed.

On behalf of the children served by Smile Network international, we would like to personally thank our trekkers: Lisa Anderson, Pam Borton, Sarah Buxton, Jules Brown, Alli Cahill, Rachael Gabato, Janee Harteau, Jennifer and Tyler Hartigan, Shelia Kennedy, Matt Kleven, Brenda Leffler, Alex McGraw, David Murray, Samantha and Jackie Nickel, Tim, Mary, Anna and Mara Pawlenty, Joshua Rimpila, Mary Kate Rivisto, and Carrie, Chad, Dane and Jude Yeager, for lacing up their hiking boots and committing to this journey!