improving oral health

Restoring Smiles with Trust, Honor and Respect.

Since 2003, Smile Network International has provided life-altering cleft repair surgeries and related healthcare services free of charge to under-resourced children and young adults outside of the US.

We are expanding access to surgical and dental services for Native American and under-resourced communities to reduce disparities in oral health that have hidden smiles for generations.

“American Indian and Alaskan Native children have five times as much untreated decay in their permanent teeth from ages six to eight as compared to the general U.S. population. One factor that continues to play a dominant role in this inequality is access to care.”

— 2017 IHS data study

role of tribal liaison

The key role of the Tribal Liaison is to engage with your Tribal Leadership to establish trust and assess the potential impact in partnering with SNI to improve oral health outcomes. It is the utmost responsibility for the Tribal Liaison to ensure that we honor your unique culture, respectfully recognize traditional ceremonies, and preserve the wisdom of elders as we work together to achieve life altering outcomes for your people.