They arrived into Lima late Wednesday night and traveled on to Cusco Peru Thursday afternoon.

Immediately, your lungs know you have arrived into Cusco. The oxygen is scarce at 12.000 feet. Observing the trekkers pull their luggage across the airport parking lot with a 3% grade huffing and puffing I intuitively knew they were second guessing their decision to walk 26 miles through the Andes mountains. They are assured that the purpose of the two days in Cusco before the onset of the trek is to acclimate to the elevation.

For two days the group tested their high elevation skills and and walked through what remains of various ruins built by the Incan civilizations hundreds of years ago. They shopped the markets of Pisac, had photos ops with Llamas, took in the local cuisine and despite warnings to abstain from drinking alcohol before the trek, a few trekkers were spotted drinking Pisco Sours in the restaurants of Cusco. A Pisco sour is to Peru as a Margarita is to Mexico and in my opinion so powerful they should be served up with flashing red lights, warning of impending danger.

After two days of adjusting to the altitude the group arrived to their accommodations in the Sacred Valley Saturday night to get one last good night of sleep in a comfortable bed. Tomorrow night they will sleep on the ground.

pisco sours

Mary Kate, Alex, Matt and Alli sampling the Pisco Sours!

Branda and Janee shopping in the Pisac market and meeting the local children.

ladies in the market