30 adventurous Smile Network donors walked 80 miles from the tip of Portugal through Spain on the famed Camino in September.  The group raised $95,000 that will  provide free life-changing surgeries to impoverished children in developing countries.   Thank you to all our donors, and their friends and families who raised both awareness and dollars for Smile Network.

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Guest post from trekker Anita Muldoon

Mi Amigas,

I awoke this morning with a pit from the silence that surrounded us; no familiar faces, no laughter. I missed you all.
We made our way by foot to the bus station in the pouring rain. As we rode to the airport, I imagined us all along the way and I was grateful for the glorious days we had to walk our miles. I saw many trekkers forging through the storm; I knew the drill- they were almost there!

I thought of you all, and imagined your laughter, when Said and I took an hour to work our way out of the Avis Rental place. First, the digital programming of the  Audi is all in Spanish and then our ticket didn’t work to get our of the parking lot. We spent our first 10km driving in circles!!
We made our way to Fisterra; to the end of the earth. It was beautiful, even in the rain, but not enough to hold us. We ended up driving back from whence we came, spending the night just outside of Ponteverda. Missing Kim’s expertise, we found a one star (1*) hotel and, with trepidation, lugged our suitcases up the stairs to find a wonderful, quaint little room, and a delicious meal, including garlic soup!! Fear not, we shared the jus de garlic!!
Anyway, I just want to say that I hope you all made it home safely and with the warmth of heart that I have come to feel for all of you. I will remember each step we shared, with a smile, and especially because of the smiles we earned together, on the little faces yet unknown.
Love to you all, and with much gratitude-


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