They are 49 in all. 28 porters, 17 Trekker’s, 3 guides and 1 cook. They are carrying more than 1,300 pounds of gear and provisions for their four day trip through the Andes at elevations ranging from 7,000 to 14,000 feet.

In their load the porters are carrying 24 dozen eggs, 50 fresh caught trout, 45 pounds of potatoes and equal amount of carrots, syrup and flour for tomorrow’s breakfast of pancakes, 8 tents for sleeping and one large mess tent with 20 chairs to feed two rounds of hungry climbers. The porter’s job is to make the ascent as painless as possible for the trekkers so the porters will do the heavy lifting for the team they are supporting. The trekkers only job is to stay focused and get to the finish line of the famed Machu Pichu.

The trekkers set out at 10 am this morning and will arrive into camp tonight around 6pm to a fully set up camp and prepared three-course dinner. They will retire early to get in a full night’s rest before trekking to the summit of dead woman’s pass at just over 13,500 feet tomorrow.

They are hiking for a common purpose: To raise awareness and funds for life altering surgeries provided by Smile Network free of charge to impoverished children in Peru.

We are certain the Incan gods of the Andes will watch over and protect this amazing group of committed adventurous souls as they make their way along the routes created hundreds of years ago by the Incan civilization.

We will remain in radio contact with the group and keep you posted on their journey.